Class of 2025

Chase Ballard

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Xane Beckstead

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Jesse Chasteen

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Katie Donnan

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Mark Keilbarth

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Lane Kelly

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Ashley Larson

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Austin Price

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Zach Rodgers

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Eliseo Torres

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Vi Tran

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Terrell Washington

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Class of 2024

AJ Donigian

Why Eglin?: This residency is like a true family. People help each other learn and grow in medicine and in life.

Life Interests: anything outdoors (hunting, fishing, hiking), beach days, video games

Nolan Feola

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Chloe Forlini

Why Eglin?: Attendings that support our learning and provide an environment in which we can thrive

Life Interests: picnics and sunset hang-outs on the beach

Steve Gingues

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Eric Lemister

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Meghan Plunkett

Why Eglin?: The people and the laughter in the resident room!

Life Interests: pool time, residency events, cooking

Lindsay Slimski

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Matt Turner

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests: golf, grilling, finance, fishing, witty and cheeky banter

Derek Walker

Why Eglin?: Great weather and great people

Life Interests: boating/jet skiing, motorcycles, computer games

Kayla Watson

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Kevin Yeo

Why Eglin?: Cohesiveness of the resident body and supportive environment. And the location!

Life Interests: family, spending time with co-residents, beaches, hiking, movies

Class of 2023

Joe Adamson

Why Eglin?: manageable inpatient load with time to learn and lots of support for outpatient procedures

Life Interests: snuggling with my cats, exercising, going to the beach, trying new food with my wife

David Bermejo

Why Eglin?: variety of educational experiences and procedures

Life Interests: family, philosophy, nature walks

Ishan Chopra

Why Eglin?: Getting to work with a diverse group of people.

Life Interests: travelling, hiking, eating

Joel Drallette

Why Eglin?: Great balance of work and life with my large family.

Life Interests: My large family.

Sydney Giblin

Why Eglin?: The people and windows in the resident room

Life Interests: my dog, scuba, board games, Formula 1

Matt Little

(Chief Resident)

Why Eglin?:

Life Interests:

Janel MT

Why Eglin?: Windows in the resident room so you can see the sunlight even when you may not be able to enjoy it. And awesome people!

Life Interests: family, eating, cooking (sometimes), beach

Kyle Olsen

Why Eglin?: Unopposed program with ability to develop relationships with multiple attendings and specialists

Life Interests: sports, beach, sports on the beach

Blake Shaffer

Why Eglin?: Quality residents, strong academics, great preceptors, excellent work life balance, beautiful location.

Life Interests: family, fishing, full spectrum gaming (board, card, video, sport, yard)

Deserea Shoemaker

(Chief Resident)

Why Eglin?: The people. The people. The people!

Life Interests: playing with my doggies, hanging out with my friends, going out on the boat

Charles Wagers

Why Eglin?: rotations at Sacred Heart allow for strong pediatric inpatient and ER experiences

Life Interests: exercising, going to the beach, baking

Danielle Wilkin

(Chief Resident)

Why Eglin?: The people! You can't find a more kind, supportive, and fun bunch.

Life Interests: my dog (Gilly), cooking & eating, travel

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